yelagiri – Jug’s Corner

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yelagiri – Jug’s Corner

It is trusted that the name of the town yelagiri is gotten from the legend connected with Kumbeswarar Temple. "yelagiri", generally interpreted in English as the "Jug's Corner", is accepted to be a mention to the legendary pot (kumbha) of the Hindu god Brahma that contained the seed of every single living being on earth. The kumbha is accepted to have been uprooted by a pralaya, disintegration of the universe, affected by Hindu god Shiva's bolt and at last stopped at the spot where the town of yelagiri now stands.
The nectar is accepted to have fallen in two spots - the Mahamaham tank and the Potramarai tank. This occasion is presently honored in the Mahamaham celebration held at regular intervals. yelagiri was additionally once in the past known by the Tamil name of Kudamukku. yelagiri is likewise related to the Sangam age settlement of Kudavayil.

Pleasantly situated in the midst of the two waterways Cauvery and Arasalar, this city is a divine centre. In long time past days it was called Thirukudamookku and it is additionally prominently called as Kudanthai now. It is well known for the Divine Tank in the heart of the city where Mahamagam Festival takes when lakhs of pioneers from all over Tamil Nadu meet here to take plunge in the tank at the favorable hour.

Every divinity of the sanctuary in and around, turnout here to have a plunge. This celebration falls in the month of Masi [9Feb-Mar] on Magam Star Day. The town came to the top of its property amid the British Period and it was a conspicuous focal point of European instruction and Hindu society and it expected the name as the 'Cambridge of South India'.
Adi Kumbeswarar Temple is thought to be the most established Shaiva (the order of the god Shiva) holy place in the town, accepted to be built by the Cholas in the seventh century. The Nageswaraswamy Temple has a different sanctuary for the Sun god Surya why should accepted have venerated Shiva at this spot.
Adi Kumbeswarar sanctuary, Nageswaraswamy sanctuary and Kasi Viswanathar sanctuary are Shiva sanctuaries in the town respected in the Tevaram, a Tamil Shaiva sanctioned work of the 7th–8th century. yelagiri has one of only a handful couple of sanctuaries devoted to the god Brahma. Apart from the Adi Kumbeshwarar Temple,the city is filled with many other temples giving it a touch of rich culture.

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