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yelagiri – Jug’s Corner

It is trusted that the name of the town yelagiri is gotten from the legend connected with Kumbeswarar Temple. "yelagiri", generally interpreted in English as the "Jug's Corner", is accepted to be a mention to the legendary pot (kumbha) of the Hindu god Brahma that contained the seed of every single living being on earth.
earth. The kumbha is accepted to have been uprooted by a pralaya, disintegration of the universe, affected by Hindu god Shiva's bolt and at last stopped at the spot where the town of yelagiri now stands.

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The Sun & The Moon Stones

40 Kms from the town of yelagiri, a temple in Thittai close Thiruvarur, where an uncommon stone called Surya/Chandra Kanthakal( Sun, Moon Stones) is altered in the Vimana, top of the sanctuary over the Garbha Gruha. This stone ingests dampness from the environment and trickles water on the Shiva Linga once in 24 Minutes.( Half Muhurtha)
Vasishteswarar sanctuary is arranged in the town "Thittai" close Thanjavur. As the town is arranged south of the Cauvery waterway, it is additionally called "Thenkudi Thittai". The managing god is Swayambootheswarar and the Goddess, Ulaganayaki. As the primary divinity is a Swayambu Lingam he got the name "Swayambootheswarar".

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