The Sun & The Moon Stones

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The Sun & The Moon Stones

40 Kms from the town of yelagiri, a temple in Thittai close Thiruvarur, where an uncommon stone called Surya/Chandra Kanthakal( Sun, Moon Stones) is altered in the Vimana,top of the sanctuary over the Garbha Gruha. This stone ingests dampness from the environment and trickles water on the Shiva Linga once in 24 Minutes.( Half Muhurtha)
Vasishteswarar sanctuary is arranged in the town "Thittai" close Thanjavur. As the town is arranged south of the Cauvery waterway, it is additionally called "Thenkudi Thittai". The managing god is Swayambootheswarar and the Goddess, Ulaganayaki. As the primary divinity is a Swayambu Lingam he got the name "Swayambootheswarar".

The fundamental god is additionally called as Vasishteswarar as he was lived here by the name Saint Vasishtar. The one of a kind component of this sanctuary is that a drop of water falls on the Shiva linga like clockwork from the roof. This is a direct result of an exceptionally uncommon stone called Chandrakanth continued the rooftop. This stone assimilates dampness from the encompassing air and changes over into a drop of water.

This sanctuary pulls in tremendous group on account of the above stone too the vicinity of the sanctuary for Raja Dakshinamoorthy. "Thittai", the name of the town signifies "Thittu" in Tamil, (i-e) a Mound. At the point when the entire world was encompassed by water in view of "Pralayam", Brahma and Vishnu venerated the Lord Maheshara for insurance. Subsequent to meandering much for a protected spot, they discovered this just hill, which did not suffocate in the Pralaya waters, where there was a Shiva Lingam. They performed Pooja to the Lingam and loved Lord Shiva, who showed up before them and assigned their obligations of Creation and Protection.
It is trusted this is the main spot, which was not devastated notwithstanding amid Pralayam(Dissolution of the Universe). Not at all like numerous different sanctuaries, here the complete sanctuary is fabricated utilizing the stone. For the primary gods, as well as all other Sannidhi's are built utilizing stones, right from floors, columns, dividers and rooftop.
*Two stones "Suryagaanthakkal" and "Chandragaanthakkal" which are put at vital focuses over the Vimana are the explanations behind the beads of water which falls on the god.

These 2 stones ingest dampness from the environment, change over into 1 water bead, performing a characteristic Abhishegam to the god, at regular intervals (1 Naazhigai), be it the day or night. A little bit of yellow fabric (Dhothi) which covers the Lingam is constantly wet as a result of this. On the off chance that one can hold up calmly, they can see this astonishing demonstration.
The sanctuary tank arranged inverse the sanctuary is called "Chakra Theertham" which is trusted that it was made by the Chakra from the hands of Mahavishnu. The Goddess is called Ulaganayagi. It is said that a Vaisya young lady got back her dead spouse subsequent to venerating Ulaganayagi.

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